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Counter-measures for national, geo-political and exo-political scenarios;

options and combinations with Advanced Projects and Exponential Projects ;
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Regroup and re-deploy enterprise and co-enterprise;
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Projects :

Mountain Equipment Co-op :

With the technique of exoneration, eliminate the problems, decisions and direction that are not very smart;

exchange debt for equity - eliminate creditor by total debt/creditor repayment;

eliminate, disuade, neutralize, discourage, advise against the proposed ownership, control, voting rights by an american investment group Kingsway, cease and desist, or any investment group, members own & control the co-op;

because of national, industrial and economic security and our belief in living the greatest adventure of all time, getting in the outdoors, exploration, discovery, mountain climbing, back packing, camping, mountaineering, eco adventure, pure adventure…

eliminate the chance of treason by or against the people, betrayal by financial institutions, board of directors who require a cease and desist order, multiple class action litigation, criminal actions, defrauding members and investors, breach of trust, un-authorized creditor protection, no notice to members or other announcements or request for additional financing, investment, contribution or otherwise to the members, etc etc, et al;

Did MEC directors totally violate their own rules and act fraudulently and in breach of trust? Check out Special Resolutions & Ordinary Resolutions…

Does this look like a
MEC legal official communique tactique to defraud members of their right to vote, to make a difference, be involved, take action, be pro-active? No democracy, no diversity, no equity, no inclusion great expert legal advice too, amazing how that works, is that called hostile takeover or collaborateurs in criminal conspiracy? Hmmm Sounds like replacing the only legit 1867 British North America Act with the illegal 1982 Constitution with an illegal transfer of power and an illegal new form of government, control and ownership, with an illusion of democracy…

compensation, recognition and promotion for the ideas and innovation of personnel, not going to the union-agency (it's possible to have a Canadian nationalist union and also have the innovation, suggestion and ideas advanced through the union and forwarded to the company) (this can include audit, verification, status of that in accordance with the agreement);

working share-owner enterprise, co-operative association, with high quality Made in Canada products, buying group discounts, investment, custom build and acquitision;

a true co-operative with buying group co-operative association, money in trust should not tax members on acquisitions as members already on products, which can also be in trust, as in conditional sales, or conditional acquisition, which is a much more advanced and true accounting;

don't fire or terminate the job or careers of personnel because they talk about their ideas, suggestions, patents, design elements, techniques and process, production, tools, for quality, safety, precision, generally or specifically (union technique), suggestion box;

Like in the case of Bombardier…several aspects are related…

zero production in Mexico and China, quality, integrity and reliability are all essential - invest in Made in Canada infrastructure and enterprise with the right values, unified vision and mutual goals, co-operative enterprise;

Confidence and integrity and knowing someone took pride in their work is one thing, tangible and intangible, so when people talk about consumer confidence, it is not only about spending money but also getting quality and value for what they acquire and the agreement and acceptance of the whole supply chain and values that go with that, Made in Canada is one of those things. So, as a result, reducing the possibility of sabotage, spying and counterfeiting, trade and technological secrets being handed over to the enemy vis a vis globalism executive and board decisions that can actually make stupid decision or not very smart decisions, or not very visionary decisions based on a much wider range of peace and war vector scenario in multi-dimensional space and multiple theatre of operations and not just, we can make it cheap there, layoff people here and make record profits…oooppps, what could go wrong?

What about government?

Once upon a time Canada was very rich, lots of Made in Canada, lots of jobs, production in industries and enterprise, not much debt…

The treasury bonds, international debt, compound interest and the taxation system that distorts the faculty of reason and proper business management is distorted with the tax liabilities based on whether or not it is a interest or dividend revenue, corresponding write offs and other techniques of poor financial management is a recipe for economic and industrial enterprise disaster.

Members, the government, investors, shareowners, financial institutions and general public, can work together for greater mutual benefit.

Financial institutions often want all the power and control, even with minority status, sometimes acting contrary to the financial and enterprise stability, in addition to placing themselves in positions, or having a place on the board, or influence on the board, or shares or other instruments and agreements for voting control, directly or indirectly by proxy or otherwise, including influence in one form or another, or power that may be utilized like a terrorist in the use of force or the threat of the use of force, including actions, ramifications or otherwise of financial extortion and pressure points to people or people associated with people to acquire concessions, greater control or otherwise, including the buyout, acquisition or control of assets, securities, voting, executive control and so on, by third parties, foreign or even domestic entities, and this is nothing new.

Additionally, looking at the real national characteristics, as in real nationality of these larger creditor financial institutions will reveal that they are not in fact real canadians, vrai canadiens, in fact do not share mutual values or allegiance to those things truly Canadian, and in fact favour their own nationality with endless billions of financing to buy out gas stations. This practice will end, along with the treason by rogue Canadian government entities and people selling out the country and defrauding real Canadians, along with the illegal 1982 Constitution, the illegal multicultural act and illegal immigration and invasion, and the cultural marxist warfare against the founding people of Canada, the real Canadians.

To Save & revitalize MEC -
Join Strategic and E-Transfer (reference : SEDI-MEC) to payoff debt/creditors, build and deploy capital, new enterprise, co-operative association, more Made in Canada, and more adventure, mountaineering, exploration and discovery than ever before, you can also sign up with the Boots for Life program, and someone dedicated to the founding principles, values and vision that made the Mountain Equipment Co-op successful.

Stay informed concerning MEC, SaveMec, Save & Revitalize MEC…

Discover new incentives and opportunities with Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. (SEDI) that is light years ahead of typical financial institutions, investment management, wealth management and enterprise operations that is national economic security rated!

Naturally, SEDI is building something even more awesome that is visionary, with the character, quality, performance, value, integrity and long term vision with mutually beneficial relationships with a Made in Canada priority that includes ownership, voting, control, editing, amplified with the ultimate in asset protection and risk management.

Even though MEC is worth saving, with changes to executive and board control and operational mentality, which is to say; a real co-operative, not a retail operation, and eliminating and detoxing from the cultural marxist poison, more ethical and true values based financial mismanagement. Admitting there is a problem, like any bad habit, is a step in the right direction, but it is not likely anyone will admit honestly, fraud and treason or high jacking of a party, company, control, government or otherwise exists in an entity or enterprise, a co-operative or a government, or that systemic racism (which nobody can define) exists against straight white people, and anything they have built and this is an assault and war vector scenario or which we are well aware of in our operating environment. People will censor this as they will lose and it will prove the point that it is true by their actions, that they are wrong, and make bad decisions, illegal and unethical decisions, total conflict of interest decisions, violation or breach of trust decisions, contempt for membership and citizens (the constituents) get it?

News, offers, options and more are expected to be fast moving, maybe even controversial, in the end, we will have Exoneration or not, based on whether or not an individual chose to make a difference, boots on the ground or die…join or die, invest or die, control territory and assets or die, change the future or die, the greatest adventure of all time, or die, Confederation of 1867 or die. Yes, it is that serious.

The entire board of directors should be fired….true or not true?

Reference: what do women with
power do? : :

What do cultural marxist brain damaged mind control victims do?

Is this bullshit to the max…bogus…intellectual arrogance…or what?

source file:

source :

Most of the MEC membership are straight white people who love the outdoors, who evidently are being censored and defrauded totally, just like the real Canadian founding people in Canada with replacement immigration, invasion based on the illegal Multiculturalism Act of the illegal 1982 Constitution….don't want to talk about it eh? Want to censor that eh? Want to continue in the crime, engage in criminal activities, with a criminal constitution and criminal laws eh? Isn't that interesting. The government will not save you or MEC, neither will the financial institutions and other creditors…of course you can try to prove otherwise, and that is ok to be contrary, if anyone could do basic math 5 million x $30 is $150 million, poof, good by debt.

Character and competence and understanding financial statements and the fundamental differences in management by an investment group, passive or active, a private or public enterprise, retail operation and a co-operative should be basic requirements for any job, and average membership understand that, as that is one of the many reasons they join a co-operative or even a credit union for that matter, right? Eh?

Obviously diversity, equity and inclusion is not smart enough, aka, too stupid, to manage a co-operative that existed for nearly fifty years with 5.5 million of so members, duh!!!! obivously, they ruined it in no time, since they have so called equality which is actually dominance, and straight white males are totally disqualified and censored like their members…who appraently have no idea that they have been defrauded by what appears to be and act like traitors and imbeciles and incompetent people with no loyalty, imagination or vision.

Diversity is a code word for white genocide….

The so called pandemic is bogus, a total fraud, if they were doing their job, more people would be in the great outdoors than ever before…blaming your financial mismanagement and incompetence and blaming it on COVID is bogus…outdoor gear and equipment sales is sky rocketing.

Do you think we really care? We are simply doing a social experiment…you like social experiments, right? No big deal, Nuke MEC, sell it out, we are investing in a multi billion
Battlegroup 301 Adventure Co-operative for expedition, mountaineering, survival, camping, hunting, fishing and defence enterprise industry that will make MEC obsolete.

All that foreign made junk, will also be obsolete, and all those record profits that the foreign investment group thinks they will have, well, many of those private co-operative members will have a zillion times for respect and options and opportunities with someone really Canadian, a kick ass high adventure Canadian, so all those engaged in selling out the country, enterprise, assets and resources to globalists etc, will know, that notwithstanding all the traitors in government, enterprise, financial instutions and all those cultural marxist that wish to super impose the garbage culture and ruin everything that real Canadians built will have something else to deal with totally…so, it looks good on the idiots who think they know everything with their intellectual arrogance for forced diversity that is white genocide and how they can't wait to wreck things other people build, let us see how they "co-operate" let us regard their "integrity" let us see how diverse opinion of votes of "real members" compare with fraud and dishonesty, treason and mismanagement, yes, take a good look, and let us see who really is smart and who will save the day, eh?

PS Amazing how difficult it is to actually contact even if you have millions…and MEC does not seem to care either…

Brand management, a co-operative, isn't that a lot different than a retail store?

Accounting fraud, election fraud, censorship of whitey, disqualification of straight white members, board of directors takeover, super imposed cultural marxist takeover and invasion of enterprise, entities and governing and legal structure, diversity is a code word for white genocide, treason is selling out your country, illegal transfer of power, illegal transformation of government…sound familiar? EH???? Legal1867 Confederation versus illegal 1982 Constitution….to be a kick ass Canadian or total wimp, that is the question?

Take that and eat blueberries on the mountains…

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